Buying jeans to resell on your own can allow you to have a great profit for your hobby in selling clothing online or for your own personal retail store. Jeans are a great type of clothing to buy new at wholesale or clearance prices because you can mark them up for a higher profit more than you can some other items of clothing. Here are some great ways you can find cheap denim that you can later resell on your own.

Visit favorite stores

If you have a favorite store where you like to buy your own jeans, then use these same stores to potentially find new merchandise for your resale purposes. Sign up for online newsletters so you can receive coupons and sale dates for purchasing clearance and sale jeans. Certain times of year, including President's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, stores often hold major sales to entice customers and you can get great brands for less that you can sell later. Pay special attention to when clearance items get an additional discount—these are often your greatest sales of all.

Purchase wholesale

If you have a large budget to spend, then going the wholesale route is an excellent choice. You can go straight to the wholesaler before jeans even hit the retail market and avoid the price markup altogether. Find a wholesaler who specializes in denim and other types of clothing that you like to put on your shelves so you can order jeans made in America at a price point you can make a profit from. If you can get on a reorder list, you can save even more money on your purchases while keeping your inventory stocked up with the same trusted wholesalers.

Buy at auction

Some people are in the business of reselling jeans just like you are and place them on online and local auctions. This is a great route if you want to add a varied selection of clothing to your line such as popular, more expensive, name brand jeans. Before going to any auction, research the brands you love the most and their regular retail prices so you know exactly where to end your bidding war. It's best to bid on bulk items so you can get many pairs of jeans and other styles of clothing in a larger lot for greater resell profit potential. You can get a list of auctions in your area from an auction house so you know what to expect.