If you use vehicles for food delivery and other restaurant services, then you can take advantage of those regular trips to advertise your restaurant. Vehicle vinyl wraps offer an easy way to advertise your restaurant. When you select vehicle wrap designs, you want to include specific elements that will help draw attention to your restaurant. 

Consider the following three wrap design elements for your restaurant vehicle. Each one gives you the opportunity to increase orders and sales in the local area.

1. Rear Bumper Info

While the sides of a vehicle offer the most space to display restaurant logos, you can find a lot of eyes on the back of your vehicle. When cars follow you on the road or you find yourself at stop signs and red lights, vehicles will pull up directly behind your own. The rear bumper can display your restaurant name, web address, and order number.

Provide direct information and help build your brand in the mind of others. The design elements will especially help when you travel in high-traffic areas and consistently find yourself with a vehicle traveling behind you.

2. Food Imagery

Your logo and restaurant name may not be enough to lure new customers in. Take advantage of high-quality vinyl wraps with food imagery printed directly on the vinyl. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, you could showcase pizza images of melted cheese, crispy crust, and fresh ingredients.

The large and oversized images will draw a lot of attention to your vehicle and help increase sales from random people who often see the vehicle drive around. You could create a custom vinyl wrap that showcases food items for the whole background of the vehicle.

3. Order Info

Extra features on your vinyl wrap will make it easy for anyone to order. For example, if you use a specific app for online orders, then you can showcase the app logo right on the vinyl. Also, consider the use of a QR code. If someone sees your parked vehicle, then they could scan the QR code and connect directly to the order website or app.

When you make the process as easy as possible, you can help increase sales and introduce new customers to your restaurant.

Plan out all the little details and create a custom design that showcases your restaurant directly. A vinyl company can help you plan the design and ensure all of the details fit on the vehicle make and model you use for a majority of your deliveries.

Contact a local vehicle wrap company, such as DeSigns Incorporated, to learn more.