If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a toddler celebrating a fall birthday, you'll have no shortage of options. Consider going with a gift that will keep the youngster warm and cozy all fall and winter, such as a sweater. 

Depending on your gift-giving budget, you can give the child either a traditional or luxury item, such as apparel made out of durable cotton or cashmere. For the higher-end pieces, check out local and online children's boutiques, which offer specialty gifts. One way to save money on luxury pieces is to buy them out of season in anticipation of the birthday.  

Following are some autumn-inspired gift ideas for a special toddler in your life:

1. Cashmere Ski Sweater and Complementary Items 

Super soft and warm, a cashmere ski sweater will keep the child toasty all fall and winter long. The sweaters typically feature a wool and cashmere blend, making them extra warm. They're also smooth to the touch, which is important for toddlers with sensitive skin. 

Ski sweaters come in a variety of styles, such as pullovers, crew necks, and zip- or button-ups. They also come in a wide range of colors, such as basic black, white, and grey, vibrant red and blue, or pastel yellow or pink. While some toddler ski sweaters are solid colors, some feature playful, whimsical designs and patterns, including cats, dogs, zoo animals, rainbows, and snowflakes. 

You can gift the sweater by itself, or combine it with other complementary items such as cashmere socks, a hat, or mittens. Choose items featuring similar colors or designs to create a personalized present.

2. Halloween-Themed Items 

If the toddler's birthday lands before Halloween, you can't go wrong with some fun, holiday-inspired gifts. Stick to the sweet, rather than scary, side when choosing the perfect present for the young child. 

As one idea, treat the toddler to a personalized Halloween candy bucket that he or she can use on the holiday. Have his or her name either painted or sewn onto the bucket, depending on the type of material from which it's made. You can even personalize it yourself if you're crafty.

Other Halloween-themed gift items include ghost, witch, pumpkin, or bat plush toys, books featuring spooky stories, and even costumes if you know the child's size. If you want more hands-on toys, go with themed puzzles, arts and crafts supplies such as orange and black paint, and coloring books. 

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