Having a professional life means you are not the average woman; your wardrobe needs are going to be a little more reserved and traditional than what some women need. This means adding things to your clothing collection can seem a little daunting. However, with just a few key pieces in your wardrobe, you can achieve a multitude of business-worthy looks. Buying clothing that can be used as the starting base for total outfits is the key to building your clothing repertoire without spending a fortune. Check out these three fashion staples every modern business woman must have in her wardrobe collection.

Black Tuxedo Pants

When it comes to the right pair of slacks for work, a job interview, or upscale occasion, black tuxedo pants for women will almost always fit the bill. These pants have the classic cut that offers a traditionally formal appeal, with slightly flared legs and an average height waist. However, the black tuxedo pants pair well with just about anything in your wardrobe, from blazers and a tank top to a frilly dress shirt with lace trim or an offset hemline. If you have these pants in your closet, you can rest assured you will be reaching for them time and time again. As an added advantage, it is not hard to get these pants custom fit with an upscale tailor. 

Tailor-Made Blazer

Every business woman must have a good blazer. Blazers offer that long-sleeved business look that is a trademark style for the modern professional female and work just as well with a pair of tuxedo pants or slacks as they do with a pencil skirt. While you can go out and buy blazers of all types at department stores, blazers really do serve your body shape best when they are custom made. Take a trip to a local tailor and work with them to create a fitted business blazer in a color that will pair well with most other articles, such as grey, black, or even white. 

Classic Pin-Striped White Blouse

For those more formal days at the office, pairing a blazer or women's suit jacket of some form with a pin-striped blouse beneath gives you that totally modern look with a slightly retro-traditional twist. Just the same, a blouse like this can be worn without something over it and paired with a nice skirt or pair of slacks. Pin-striped blouses are an excellent outfit choice with solid colors, like grey, blue, or green, but also pair well with mute floral patterns for a more playful look.