Boho chic fashion is a trend that will probably never go away and for good reason. You can maintain a stylish appearance without breaking the bank. If you are going the bohemian way, here are some must-haves that you need in your closet.  

  1. Bohemian romper. Bohemian rompers are more versatile than you might think. You can wear them almost anywhere, including the beach, a night out, or music festivals. Be careful when choosing your shoes though. The shoes play a major part in how casual or dressy the romper looks.  

  2. Ankle length booties. Although you can wear any style of shoes with your boho chic look, you need at least a pair of ankle length booties to help tie your look together. The boots can be worn with jeans or even the rompers if you make smart decisions about your other accessories.  

  3. Bohemian jewelry. When it comes to boho chic, layers of jewelry are the best way to go. Layering metallic, feathery, or wooden inexpensive pieces on will help to complete your look. 

  4. Maxi skirt. Maxi skirts can be the foundation on which you build your boho chic look. Small touches, such as wearing a floppy hat and a solid colored blouse, can make your skirt look cool while still maintaining your comfort.  

  5. HairbandsThin hairbands or large flower crowns with bold colors can help you stand out. How you wear the hairband is important though. You can pull it a couple of inches from your hairline or sport it across your forehead.  

  6. Floppy hats. A floppy sun hat can be worn instead of a hairband or flower crown. Remember, when it comes to boho chic, there is no limit to how big the hat can be. For a bigger impact, stick with the more natural looking hats. Anything synthetic looking or that is too refined can take away from the overall effect you are trying to achieve.  

  7. Knit cardigans. A knit cardigan might seem out of place with this style, but with the right choices, it can complement your other pieces. You can wear the cardigan over a floral dress or even with wide-legged jeans and a tank top.  

There are many other pieces that you can wear to create the boho chic style you want. Consider consulting with a clothing specialist who can help you find pieces that not only fits the style in an authentic fashion, but also complements you.