When you're the faculty advisor for a group of senior high school students, you're responsible for helping the group spend money on the various senior activities throughout the year. You may be reluctant to spend money on senior class shirts, but they can be an essential part of your students' last year in school. Here are three of the many reasons you ought to get senior class shirts.

Keeping Track on Senior Trips

If your school is like most, there is a senior trip or two already planned that you'll be going on along with your students. Depending on how many seniors are in your school, keeping track of them when they're out in public with other people can be tough. Senior class shirts can make that easier for you; you can identify your students right away by the style and color of the shirts you pick out for them.

Student Clout and Respect

After spending so many years of their lives at school, a class shirt can be a valued reward for everything your senior students have worked for. Getting special shirts and being able to wear the shirts to school before the end of the year allows them to feel proud of themselves and their peers while attracting attention and gaining additional respect from all the other students in the school. 

School Memories

You might have already considered that the seniors might want the shirts for sentimental value, but you might have imagined that not many kids will remember their high school decades from now. That is not true for everyone; some remember high school as the high point of their lives. Not only that, but current seniors may need the positive feelings and happy memories that the shirt reminds them of much sooner than you think. If some of your students plan to go off to college or enter the military, putting on a senior class shirt can mean a vital shift in mood when life after high school isn't everything they expected. Remembering a confident, pleasant time in their lives can help them cope with challenges in the near or far future.

Now that you more deeply comprehend how senior class shirts can be beneficial for your senior students, start getting quotes from various vendors like Gariel Screen Printing. You may be pleasantly surprised by the deal you're able to get, and the students can get excited about their new shirts.