If you want to look and feel sexy, but you carry a few extra pounds that make finding the right little black dress challenging, it's important to look for dresses that are forgiving of your extra curvy body type. For instance, it is best to choose a fabric with some stretch or elastic properties, which can often provide the benefit of a discreet and lightweight external girdle. That stretch often comes in the form of spandex and Lycra. In addition, it is also a good idea to consider your body type and problem areas when choosing your new dress. Therefore, if you don't have the little black dress, or LBD, that every woman needs in her closet, you should be aware of the following tips to help you find the right one.    

Dressing For Your Body Type

Given that it has recently been determined that more two than out of every three adults, regardless of gender, are obese or overweight, it is obvious that you are not alone in trying to minimize problem areas with the strategic use of clothing. As a result, it is first necessary to determine which areas of your body you are most unhappy with and to determine your body type. When doing so, it's important to be aware that in general, regardless of your current weight and size, you will often retain characteristics of the same body style throughout your lifetime. 

Three common body types for women are pear, apple, and rectangle. If you are pear-shaped, your hips are bigger than your shoulders. In that instance, your little black dress should feature a halter top or similar style to emphasize your beautiful shoulders and minimize the rest of your figure.  

However, if your waist, shoulders, and hips are all about the same size or if your waist is bigger than the other two, you're an apple body type. Your LBD should showcase your waist to make it appear smaller, and an empire waist or a waist that can be drawn in will be useful for this. Discreetly showcasing your cleavage can also be flattering.  

If your measurements are about the same from your shoulders to your hips, with no obvious changes, you are a rectangle. As a rectangle, you will benefit from a dress that creates a long, thin line and visually enhances the dip of your waist. You can do so with discreet detailing above and below your waistline, and you should avoid unnecessary bulk.    

Choosing The Right Fabric

Once you know the dress of dress to shop for, it's time to know which fabrics will be the most flattering. Unfortunately, one common mistake that many women make is choosing a dress that is made primarily of spandex and/or Lycra. Doing so is problematic because those two fabrics can cling to every inch of your body that it covers. Unfortunately, the area that is being adhered to so tightly to can often include the same curves that you are trying to minimize. 

Instead, it's better to opt for a dress with only a small amount of Lycra or spandex. By doing so, the bit of stretch it provides permits the dress to more effectively adhere to your body, thus avoiding any unnecessary slippage. Both materials are common to supportive undergarments because they have unique constricting qualities that comfortably minimize extra curves. By choosing a dress with small amounts of those fabrics, you'll likely benefit from those constricting qualities without the bulk of extra supportive undergarments.     

In conclusion, as a plus-size woman, it can be almost as hard to find a sexy little black dress as it is to find a flattering swimsuit. Fortunately, the advice shared above will make narrowing down the choices a bit easier. Follow this link for more info on finding that perfect dress.