Finding a vintage hat in great condition is a lucky day. Make sure you're committed to doing your part. When it comes to vintage hats, a great find is only the start because it's up to you to maintain the hat's condition. Even a hat in excellent condition can quickly decline if you are not caring for it correctly. Here are just some of the things you can do to stay on target with this goal.

Wear With Care in Mind

When wearing your hat, make sure you are doing so with care in mind. Don't simply decide to wear your hat because it looks great with your outfit. While a great place to begin, you also need to consider the environment.

For instance, if you're heading to an outdoor concert and there is a slight chance of rain, this might not be the best time to wear the hat. In this type of condition, the minerals from the rainwater may cause color fading and even staining on the hat. It would be smarter to save the hat for another occasion.

Remember to Adjust the Strap

If your vintage hat is made in a strapback style, make sure you're remembering to adjust the strap. This is especially important the first time you wear the hat. As a general rule, if the hat feels like it is putting pressure on your forehead, the strap is too tight.

Not only will this make for an uncomfortable wear, but it will also put pressure on the strap. This may cause the strap to snap, which can also damage the edges of the hat that secure the strap. Keep yourself comfortable and avoid permanent damage to the hat by adjusting the strap as necessary.

Be a Gentle Cleaner

Especially if you are dealing with a much older hat or one designed with more delicate fibers, make sure you are being a gentle cleaner. First, even if you're dealing with a baseball cap, the washing machine or dishwasher is not going to be your friend.

A soft wipe down with a mild detergent and water mix or steaming are considered better solutions. However, if you have a hat that has fur, feathers or silk within its design, it's much better to take it to a professional like a dry cleaner.

The more effort you put into caring for your vintage hat, not only the longer it will last you, but also the better it will look. Try to work towards this goal. To learn more about caring and styling vintage hats, contact companies like ByKiy.