If you are a casual horse rider, you do not have to wear a special horse riding shirt. However, there are many shirts sold by equestrian riding clothing companies, such as Kastel Denmark, that have features that are beneficial to horse riders. If you are looking for a shirt to wear specifically while riding a horse, here are a few of the features that you may want in your shirt. 

A Shirt That is Fitted In the Body

When you are going out riding, you want to wear a shirt that is fitted to your body. While a baggy shirt may seem like it will be comfortable, it can be hazardous. Fitted shirts can get caught on branches if you are riding in a wood area. They can also catch on riding equipment if you happen to fall or get bucked off. Clothing that is fitted is less likely to catch on these items, which may help to prevent you from being dragged or injured.

A Shirt That is Roomy in the Shoulder Area

While you want a shirt that is fitted in the body, you also want to find a shirt that is a bit roomy in the shoulder area. Keep in mind that you may be slightly bent over while riding and that you will be moving your arms and shoulders. If your shirt is tight in the shoulder area, it can restrict your movement or make you uncomfortable. You do not want a shirt that is baggy, but at the same time, you do not want a shirt that is too tight or restrictive in the should region. 

A Shirt That Allows You to Be Seen

The last feature you should look for in a riding shirt is a shirt that allows you to be seen. If you ride in a wooded area, you may want to make yourself visible to hunters. If you ride at night near roadways, you may want to make yourself visible to drivers. Brightly colored shirts or shirts with reflective tape or materials can help you stand out and make your presence known. 

As you look to select a horse riding shirt, look for a shirt that incorporates these features into it. Additionally, you want a shirt that is made from a material that is appropriate for the weather you will be riding in. If it is humid, you may want a shirt that helps to wick away moisture. If it is cold, you may want a heavy flannel or wool shirt. And if it is hot, you may want a breathable cotton shirt. Paying attention to all of these factors will help you select a riding shirt that is comfortable and helps you stay safe.