As a new mom, you most likely know the benefits of providing baby with organic foods, especially during their early years of childhood. However, you may not have heard of the other way moms are transitioning into an organic lifestyle, which is switching from regular baby clothing to organic. Here are five reasons why moms are doing this:

Pesticides Are Used on Cotton: Cotton is a crop that is heavily sprayed with pesticides and since cotton is used for most baby clothing, it's recommended that moms invest in organic cotton clothing rather than non-organic. Purchasing cotton clothing is beneficial over other materials since it keeps baby comfortable and is the best material to have on their sensitive skin. For this reason, it's still important to invest in organic cotton rather than other types of clothing materials. 

They Understand the Environmental Impact: If you didn't know already, pesticides are not only horrible for your health, but also for the environment. To reduce harmful effects on the environment, investing in organic cotton is definitely a good choice, especially since it will also better protect your baby's skin. 

More Chemicals Are Used on Cotton: As if pesticide use wasn't enough, during the processing stage, the cotton is further exposed to more chemicals, such as bleach. This just means that there is even more concern about using cotton on your baby's skin if it's not organic. 

Other Materials Aren't Much Better: Other materials for clothing still aren't any better than nonorganic cotton. These materials still use lots of chemicals and cannot even be made to be organic because the materials do not organically grow in nature. Many times, other clothing materials even use plastic components, which is definitely not something you want rubbing against your baby's skin all day. 

It's Growing in Popularity: If you are worried about the price of organic cotton, don't worry because the demand for it is growing. Since many moms are starting to use organic cotton, you can even purchase organic cotton clothing for baby second-hand, which makes it that much more affordable. In the end, you will have comfortable and healthy clothing for your baby without spending a fortune. 

When you know these five reasons moms are switching to organic baby bodysuits, you can see why it's definitely something worth considering for your growing family. There are plenty of organic cotton clothing companies like Baby Sawyer to choose from, so it's not something that is completely unattainable.