Working out is a time-consuming activity. Being able to keep your body healthy is typically the goal of working out. One of the things that you don't want to have to do is worry about purchasing workout clothing all of the time. Getting some staple clothing for your workout sessions will make preparing to go to the gym a little easier. If you want to prepare yourself for the gym, here are four pieces that you need for your workout closet. 

Solid shirts

If you are a gym goer, you may have to determine if you prefer shirts with sleeves or shirts without sleeves. Some people get cold while they are working out while others will feel overheated. Whether you need sleeved shirts or shirts with no sleeves at all, you should invest in solid-colored shirts. These shirts can be dyed in the washer, making the upkeep much easier than shirts with designs. It is also more difficult to see staining on solid, dark shirts, which makes them perfect for gym equipment that can rub off a little dust or dirt.,

Active pants

Active pants for you are the pants that you are able to best move in. It is a good idea to try some active women's pants that are loose sweatpants and tights. Browse brands like Nux active womens clothing to figure out which types of pants allow you to move easily and are breathable on your legs. When you find your favorite brand of sweatpants or leggings, you should purchase enough to last you for a week's workouts. This will keep you from needing to wash clothing in a hurry before your gym time. 

Long sports bras

A good sports bra can be a lifesaver while you are working out. Select a bra with good support that keeps you in place for the duration of your workouts. Along with good support, you should go with a sports bra that sits a little lower in the torso area. A long sports bra can capture sweat and keep your clothing dry while you are at the gym. 

Dark sneakers

People often underestimate how easy it can be to scuff a pair of sneakers. Sneakers trek through a lot of dirt, gravel, and dust when they are at the gym. If you like for your outfits to look good for a longer period of time, you should invest in a good pair of dark-colored gym sneakers. If your shoes need to be cleaned, hand wash them rather than throwing them in the machine to keep them stronger for longer.