Give your favorite handbag a fresh look this season with some clever accents. Custom accessories are an inexpensive way to update your bag and extend its life, from one fashion season to the next. Look for custom accessories online or from high-end clothiers that offer handbags and purses.

The sweetest handbag accessories this season are:

Trendy tassels. Hang tassels from the handles or zipper-pulls of your favorite bag for a fun touch. Look for leather tassels that will last, in coordinating colors in various sizes. You can make your own or find designer-style tassels and fobs at your favorite retailer.

Plush pom-poms. Remember the retro pom-poms that teens used to attach to their shoes, skates, and bags a few years ago? Pom-poms have gotten a sophisticated makeover and are being seen on handbags widely this season. Many are plush and furry, which brings an interesting mix of textiles and overall aesthetic to your bag.

Fabulous fobs. Don't miss out on a cute accessory by not using a key fob. Fobs are very convenient for keeping keys in place, and many secure to some part of your bag or purse. Look for a fob that will attach to your bag's strap, handle, or zipper to make it convenient to find when you go looking for your keys.

Handbag holders. Who wants to put their handbag or purse on the ground when sitting or stopping somewhere? Use clever bejeweled handbag holders that slide on a surface, such as a desk or table, and suspend your bag above the ground. These are easy to carry and are very cute, too.

Convenient cosmetic cases. Enhance your overall look with custom cosmetic cases that match and meld with your favorite purses or handbags. Consider the types of things that you typically carry, and order cases that will provide the most utility to you specifically. Opt for tiny pouches for coins or buttons; larger cosmetic bags may fit your tablet or lunch.

Cute charms. Charms can be hung from pulls and hardware on your bag for a personal and intriguing accent. These are usually suspended from elasticized cord which will fit in small zippers, button holes, or straps. Choose fun charms that are water-resistant and that will hold up to the elements.

Clever 'coat.' An overcoat or tote for your designer bag is more than an accent or accessory; it is a way of protecting your investment from dirt and germs lurking wherever you place your bag. These simple covers fold up small to fit in a compartment of your purse, and they keep the bottom clean and off the ground. These protectors are particularly practical for traveling.

Keep an eye out for unique and clever handbag accessories to accent, extend, and protect your favorite bags. Try these suggestions to bring a new look or longer life to your handbags, purses, and satchels.