Western boots look great with many outfits, from jeans and a t-shirt to casual dresses. But if you want high-quality western boots that will last, and not just fashion boots made from cheap materials, then you need to be careful when shopping. Here are four things to look for in a good pair of western boots.

Stitched Soles

There are two ways that the boot maker can attach the sole to the upper of the boots. The first is with glue, which is not very stable since the glue can break down if it stays moist for too long. The second is with stitching. Look for boots that have thick stitches between the sole and the upper part of the boot. It's a lot harder to ruin the stitching, so these boots won't lose their sole after a wet day. Plus, if they do start to come undone at some point, you can have a cobbler re-stitch them or even replace the soles down the road.

Soft, Pliable Leather

Who wants to wear boots made from hard leather that cuts into your ankle or leg? Cheap leather can be tough and plastic-like, but if you find a good pair of western boots, the leather uppers will feel pliable and soft in your hand. If you can't bend the uppers easily, then the boots may not be soft enough to prevent blisters.


Examine the lining of the boots. Make sure it is well attached to the inside of the foot bed. Otherwise, it may come loose and get stuck under your foot while you're wearing the boot. You want slightly padded lining to keep your soles comfortable, but don't choose lining that is too thick, or you may have trouble wearing socks with the boots.

Arch Support

Try the boots on and make sure they have arch support rather than just a flat foot bed. Some less-expensive "fashion" western boots may not have enough arch support to keep your feet comfortable during a long day of work, shopping, or other endeavors. Arch support is a bit varied; some people like more than others. If you have high arches, look specifically for boots made for people with high arches.

Western boots that fit well and are made well will become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Start searching today, and when you find a pair with the qualities above that also looks good, take advantage of it.