As a bride, you want your wedding dress to fit beautifully. This may mean having the dress you've purchased altered to create the perfect fit. You'll need to visit your seamstress or tailor for a fitting before having the dress altered, and there are a few things you should know before you attend the fitting. Use the following tips to ensure your fitting goes smoothly and your dress is altered properly.

Bring Your Shoes

Getting the hemline right is important for your wedding day. A dress that is too short will look unflattering, and a dress that is too long may cause you to trip as you walk down the aisle. Bring the shoes that you will be wearing to the wedding, as they will help the person doing the alterations measure the hemline. If you decide to switch shoes at the last minute, select a pair that are the same height as the original to keep your dress length ideal.

Wear Proper Foundations

When fitting the bodice and bust, your undergarments will play a key role in the changes made to the dress. For example, if you wear a padded bra to the fitting but don't wear that same bra on the day of your wedding, the bust line may no longer have the proper coverage or fit. If you plan to wear a shaper or corset under the dress on your wedding day, wear it to the fitting so your waist is properly fitted into the dress.

Alter For Your Weight

Some brides may decide to undergo a diet and exercise regime to lose weight before the wedding. If this is something you plan to do, avoid having your tailor or seamstress make drastic changes to the dress. You can always have last-minute alterations performed to shrink the waist and bust, but you can't get back fabric that you've already had removed from the dress. Have alterations made for the weight you are now just in case your weight loss program doesn't go according to plan. This can save a few tears in the days before your wedding.

Plan For A Bustle

If your gown has a train or a long skirt, consider having a bustle added. This can be planned out during the fitting to ensure the design and cut suit your tastes. The bustle can button to the back of the skirt, or it can attach to your wrist with a simple strap. Arranging for the bustle during the fitting will also help inform how to handle the hemline of your dress, so it's a good idea to plan it all out at the same time.

Have your dress fitted early so you have plenty of time for wedding dress alterations as your wedding day approaches.