If your toddler seems to be receptive to the idea of using the potty like a big kid and has grown tired of wearing diapers and needing to be changed throughout the day and night, aid your child with this important milestone by using the training tactics below. 

Purchase Cloth Diaper Training Pants

Cloth diaper training pants are designed to look and feel like underwear. Training pants have an adjustable waistband that will make it easy for you or your child to pull the pants up and down during each trip to the bathroom. Training pants contain a waterproof barrier that will prevent your child's slacks or shorts from becoming wet.

The inner core in training pants will absorb moisture. If your child continuously urinates in a pair of training pants, however, they will gently be prompted to use the bathroom because they will feel slightly wet after the absorbent pad becomes saturated.

Allow your child to accompany you to a store so that they can help pick out their training pants. Cartoon characters, super heroes, or cute animals that are printed on training pants may be appealing to your child and your youngster may be anxious to put on a pair of the training pants once you return home. 

Prompt Your Child To Try Using The Potty At Regular Intervals

Being consistent is key when training your child to use the potty. Make a point of prompting your child to enter the bathroom at regular interals so that they can attempt to use the potty. After doing this for several days, the action will become second nature.

During each trip to the bathroom, allow your child to take their time. Respect your child's efforts by remaining quiet as they concentrate on the task at hand. If your toddler is unsuccessful at first, realize that it will take some time to fully train your child. Try to be patient and optimistic throughout the training phase. 

Use A Sticker Chart And Reward System

Track your child's progress with a sticker chart. Purchase a variety of stickers that can be used to signify whether your child was successful with their bathroom attempts or tried to use the bathroom. Log the date and time of each bathroom visit.

Include your child in this activity by allowing them to select a sticker from one of the sticker sheets and press it on the chart. Once the chart is full, reward your youngster for their hard work by purchasing them a small toy, puzzle, game, or book.