When you have a family member that has joined a branch of the U.S. Military, you strive to show him or her as much love and support as possible. This is a difficult and rewarding journey for not only your loved one, but for the entire family. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you show your support.

Attend the Basic Training Graduation

The graduation ceremonies are amazing. Families from all over gather to celebrate this huge accomplishment and you won't want to miss it. Weeks before graduation, you'll need to do some planning. You'll have to find transportation, lodging, and plan for the events that will be held. One awesome way to show your support for your loved one, and to help your family stand out in the crowd is to have some custom T-shirts made for your group. What's awesome about having the custom shirts made is that you can have them made to say anything at all. Express your congratulations, including the name of your serviceman, the graduation date, and the branch title.

Keep in Touch

It can be so easy to fall out of contact with someone that is going through such a huge change in their life, but it is so important that you keep in contact. They may not call home to tell you how things are going, but, as long as you keep checking in, and keep the lines of communication open, your relationship will remain strong.

Homecoming Banners

Your loved one will have multiple homecomings over the years. Invest in a good vinyl welcome-home banner. This can be hung anytime you expect your loved one to arrive home for a visit or a stay. Usually, following the graduation ceremony and some schooling, your loved one will be allowed to come home for a short visit before heading off to their next assignment. Make it a huge homecoming with the banner, the shirts, and all of your closest friends and family.

The thing to remember about ordering custom T-shirts and signs is that you must proofread carefully two or three times if you're prone to making these kinds of errors. Make sure that everything is correct before you submit the orders. Double check the sizing charts to make sure that everyone's shirts will fit and get the order placed with enough time to receive them in time. Your loved one will surely love to see how all of the family is supporting him or her in this new life journey.