Are you looking to start running either as part of a resolution or just because you want to get healthier? First of all, congratulations on your decision to get in shape. But second, don't head out onto the trail or open road without the right gear for the job. Yes, running is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other but having the right apparel and accessories to complement your new hobby will make things much easier. Here are three key pieces of gear that all new runners should have at the ready.

Moisture Wicking Apparel

Wouldn't it be great if you could look as good as the runners on the covers of those running magazines while you are out on the road? All smiles and not a drop of sweat on them? Meanwhile, back in reality, you may soon discover that wearing a standard t-shirt isn't going to get the job done. Sweat is a natural part of exercise but too much sweat can create an uncomfortable mess. 

You can leave yourself much more comfortable and dryer if you go into your next run with the right clothes on your back. Clothing such as the Dri-Fit line from Nike offers moisture wicking while you run. Keep a smile on your face and you just might be able to look like those magazine models yet.

Running Watch

You can probably just use the timer on your phone when you are first getting started but at some point, you are going to want to keep better track of your runs. A running watch can do all kinds of things ranging from giving you your current pace at any given time to your average pace for the entire run. Some running watches also include a heart monitor that can measure your heart activity during the run and will notify you if something looks wrong so you can stop exerting yourself and seek help. A running watch is a great way to keep measurement of every little aspect of your run and use the information as motivation for your next time out.

Fanny Pack

You might be able to get away with running in the park with your car keys in one pocket and your phone in the other but what happens if you also want to add a water bottle or energy bar to the mix? If you are going to get serious about your running, you will soon find that you do need to take some things with you out on the open road. A fanny or sports pack that you can fasten to your waist will allow you to stay organized and free your hands so you can just focus on the road ahead of you.

Get your running career started right by ordering some custom Dri Fit apparel today.