For years, if you wanted to work out or relax around the home, you would put on a pair of sweatpants. There's no doubt that sweatpants were and are comfortable. But today, there's a new option that's becoming more popular. It's called "no-sweat pants." These pants look like sweatpants, but instead of being made from cotton, they are made from a material that repels water and wicks away moisture. Why are no-sweat pants often a better, upgraded choice in comparison to classic sweats? Here are a few reasons.

You can wear them outside in any weather.

Sweatpants are supposed to be activewear, but you can really only be active of them in good weather. If you wear them outside when it's raining or snowing, you're going to come home soaking wet. No-sweat pants, on the other hand, are far better suited to variations in weather. Wear them in the rain, and the water will roll right off the outside of them. Wear them in snow, and the snow will brush right off. You may find that this versatility inspires you to work out and be active more often since you have proper protection from the elements.

You won't have sweat pooling against your skin.

In a way, sweatpants are aptly named. If you sweat while wearing them, they absorb that sweat, which means it stays against your skin. No-sweat pants, on the other hand, are made to wick sweat away. You can and will sweat when wearing them, but the sweat will evaporate and be carried away from your skin as you produce it. This feels better, is better for your skin, and reduces your risk of various skin infections and conditions that can plague you when in contact with sweat for long periods.

Your pants will hold their shape longer.

Sweatpants are typically made from cotton, which is notorious for shrinking in the wash. No-sweat pants may contain some cotton, but they are also formulated with some spandex and other materials which resist shrinkage. You can toss this type of pants in the washer and dryer without worrying they'll come out smaller. They'll still look good on you a year or two later, so you won't end up with a separate pile of distorted sweat pants that you only wear at home.

No-sweat pants are quite the upgrade of the old-style sweatpants you probably wore a decade ago. They're just better suited for you, the weather, and the wash. Look for men's no-sweat pants.