Are you looking for new ways to give your customers access to high-margin apparel? Adding direct-to-garment (DTG) printing to your production allows you to create custom-made garments to meet customer demand. You would be utilizing digital inkjet technology to print directly on garments. Whether you own a screen printing or an embroidery shop, incorporating custom direct-to-garment printing would be easy to use.

Quickly and easily producing custom apparel allows your business to grow exponentially within a short period. Here are the benefits of incorporating DTG printing into your garment production process.

Boost the Business' Profit Potential

Customers are willing to pay more for custom apparel because they want personalized pieces of clothing that express their unique personality. Therefore, introducing custom apparel production boosts your business profit potential. DTG printing gives you access to unlimited designs and color palettes, allowing you to meet customers' production needs. What's more, direct-to-garment technology produces high-resolution images with clean edges.

You can leverage the low production costs to offer your customers retail-quality printed garments at aggressively low prices to earn customer loyalty. Over time, you can steadily increase the prices to boost your profit margin as customers are often willing to pay a little extra for high-quality products.

Reduce Production Waste

Investing in digital inkjet technology allows you to adopt a make-to-order business model that allows customers to provide product specifications for their apparel. This strategy allows you to minimize production waste since you will only be producing garments after customers confirm their orders.

Expedite Production Process

Digital printing, unlike screen printing, is often quicker and more reliable. There are fewer steps to follow, and the equipment is user-friendly. Delivering products to your esteemed customers at a high rate encourages them to keep shopping with you.

Leverage DTG printing's speed to offer your customers on-demand services. You can even charge extra fees for this particular service because it eliminates the long wait for customers.

Expand Product Offerings

As your business grows, direct garment printing gives you the room to expand your services. You will be able to endlessly expand your offerings since inkjet can print on practically anything. Aside from printing on t-shirts, you can venture into advertising, shoe printing, and so much more. Your imagination will be the limit.

Adding a DTG printing to your garment shop is a prudent investment since its production costs are low. You will be able to redeem the initial expense for the equipment in a short period. From there, you can launch the business higher than you ever thought possible.

For more information, contact a local custom direct-to-garment business to learn more.